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End of the Semeser Evaluations

Deadline to Complete Spring 2020 Course Evaluations May 8th at Midnight

When you fill out a course evaluation, you have an opportunity to look back on your progress.  Was your instructor prepared, enthusiastic, and interested in the students?  Were you prepared for class?  Did you feel that the instructor and resources prepared you to be successful?  Your reflections will help you, your instructors, and the college with planning for the future.

End of the semester course evaluations are available by logging into the YCCC portal with your student username and password.  You will see a link to your available evaluations in the left navigation pane. Evaluations can be done on computers and mobile devices.  After May 8th, the link to the evaluations will not be available.

If you have any questions or concerns about your evaluation, please contact Joy Locher