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English Department: Transfer/Careers/Internships

English-related careers

Transfer and Career Opportunities in English/Communications

When most people hear “English major,” they think, “English teacher.”  But being an English teacher is only one of many careers based upon the excellent writing and communication skills for which English majors are known. 

Opportunities include work in traditional and web-based journalism; public relations and advertising; and content development for websites and other forums.  English/communications majors may start in an editorial/writing-focused position, and end up directing a team of writers. A recent graduate who begins an entry-level position as a web content writer may end up as project manager for the development of a new website. A technical writer may write manuals and procedures and end up directing a company's training program.

Students interested in English and communications also are often interested in creative work like writing novels and screenplays. These fields are difficult to break into, but not impossible. But if you need a "day career" to pay your bills, fear not: opportunity abounds for students with an English or related degree.

Explore the links below to learn more about what you might do with your English degree.

Browse advertisements for writing-related careers

To give you a general idea of career opportunities for an English major, browse through the employment websites below to see what current opportunities are being advertised.  Keep in mind that while employment websites are a useful tool in job-seeking, many opportunities are never advertised and are filled through networking/personal connections.  Use sites like LinkedIn to start developing your professional network.

Links to Bachelor programs in English, writing, communications

This is a list of BA programs in English, writing and related areas, within Maine and the region. The list is NOT exhaustive and is intended to give viewers a sense of the options available to students interested in pursuing a post-AA bachelor's degree in English and related fields. 

University of Maine System

University of Maine at Augusta offers the English major as well as pathways towards teacher certification.

University of Maine at Farmington offers the English major, with a special emphasis on teacher preparation. UMF also offers the Creative Writing major.

University of Maine at Fort Kent offers the English major.

 University of Maine at Orono  offers Journalism and Communications, and the English major, as well as the only master's degree in English available in Maine.

University of Maine at Machias offers a major in English, Creative Writing, and Book Arts, with a focus on editing and publishing and pathways to teacher certification.

University of Maine at Presque Isle offers majors in English, Writing, and Journalism/Professional Communications, as well as the only online English bachelor degree program in the UMaine system.

University of Southern Maine offers opportunities to major in English (including a teacher preparation track), Communications, and Media Studies.

Private and/or out-of-State

Boston University, in Boston, offers English-related degrees through its College of Communications and its Colleges of Arts & Sciences.

Emerson College, in Boston, offers a variety of English-related undergraduate degrees, including journalism, marketing communications, media studies, political communication, and writing, literature & publishing.

Northeastern University, Boston

Marlboro College, Vermont

St. Joseph's College, in Windham, Maine, offers a variety of English-related programs, including majors in Business Communications, English, and Communications/Journalism.  

Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

University of New Hampshire, Durham

ENG 290 Writing/Communications Internship

Students can get valuable experience and expand their job-seeking network via the ENG 290 Writing/Communications internship. Students spend 135 hours over the course of the semester working at their internship sites.

Past placements have included newspapers and marketing/public relations offices.  Students must meet certain eligibility requirements and initiate the internship placement process early in the course registration process. For more information on the requirements for the internship, see the guidelines for Academic Internships posted below.  If you are interested in exploring the internship further, contact English Department Chair Dianne Fallon.

Question: What do you do with a degree in English, Writing, Communications, or a similar field? The answer: Plenty.