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English Department: Home

Welcome to the English Department

The English Department at YCCC is both a service department that offers core general education courses to students in all academic programs and one which offers elective coursework aimed at students interested in writing and literature and may be considering a four-year degree in English or a related field such as communications, journalism, media studies, or professional writing.

English Department Faculty

Dianne Fallon, English Department Chair, has taught a variety of English and Humanities courses at YCCC since 1996. She earned her BA in English from Bowdoin College and her MA/Ph.D. from Binghamton University.   

Phone: (207) 216-4357    Email:

David Susman, Chair of the Humanities Department, also teaches in the English Department. He earned his BA from Ithaca College and his MA from Syracuse University and has taught at YCCC since 2004.

Phone: (207) 216 4358     Email:

Dr. Wesley Mills teaches in the English and Humanities Departments. A full-time faculty member at YCCC since 2007, Dr. Mills has taught at the College since 1998. He earned his B.A. from Gordon College, his M.Div. from Fuller Seminary, and his D.Min from Andover Newton.

Phone: (207) 216-4359     Email:


English Department Adjunct Faculty (part-time)

Beverly Brennan-Overberg, M.A. Northeastern University,

Michael DeBlois, B.A. Middlebury College, M.A. University of Washington,

Lisa Crothers, B.A. University of Southern Maine, M.A. Union Institute and University​,

Mark Farrell, B.A. University of New Hampshire, M.A. Riviera College​,

Joseph Foster, B.S. University of Maine, M.A. University of Maine,​

Lori Hutchins, B.A. University of Maine, M.B.A. South University​,

Joan Ludwig, B.S. Syracuse University,

Jesse Miller, B.F.A. University of Maine, M.F.A. University of Southern Maine​,

Kathleen Rinaldi-Boisvert, B.A. Quinnipiac College, M.A. Quinnipiac College​,

Kristina Sanborn, B.A. University of Maine/Orono, M.A. University of Maine/Orono

Susan Stehle, B.S. Northern Arizona University, M.A. Northern Arizona University​,

Nick Wilson, B.A. University of Southern Maine, M.S. University of Massachusetts/Amherst​,





English Department Courses

English Department "general education courses" include the following:

  • ENG 101, College Composition
  • ENG 112, Introduction to Literature
  • ENG 211, Technical Writing
  • ENG 212, Business Communications
  • SPE 101, Oral Communication.

These courses are offered every semester, including the summer, at a variety of times and formats, including online. 

We also offer ENG 095, Reading and Writing Workshop, for students who need to brush up on writing and reading skills prior to taking a college English course.

Other courses that run on a regular basis include the following:

  • ENG 201 Creative Writing: offered online every semester; on Friday mornings during spring semester; and occasionally in the evening.
  • ENG 205 Creative non-fiction: offered online in odd-numbered spring semesters (e.g. 2015, 2017, 2019)
  • ENG 220: Shakespeare: offered in the fall semester.
  • ENG 222: Topics in Literature: offered occasionally; recent topics include "Teen Lit" and "Reading and Writing Graphic Novels" (online).
  • ENG 290: Writing/Communications Internship: offered in the spring semester.

Other department courses offered on an occasional basis include World Literature, American Literature I and II, and Nature Writing.

Course descriptions are published in the College Catalog and within the YCCC Course Schedule each semester (click on the course and the description will pop up).

Adobe Spark Video Samples

Pens & Keystrokes 2021

Sample course syllabi

These sample syllabi provide a general idea of class objectives, assignments and expectations.  More than 25 individuals teach in the English Department; while all teach within a common framework, syllabi will vary in specifics among instructors

Welcome to the English Department