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Faculty & Staff

Strategic Planning Schedule

Schedule for Strategic Planning and Budget Alignment 2022


  • Quarterly Strategic Plan Review

• College Cabinet will begin a discussion about the following academic year's strategic priorities.

• College Cabinet will request updates to the current Strategic Plan Tactics.


• Early February - Planning Documents and a copy of the strategic plan are sent out to budget managers. The planning documents will have a specific Strategic Plan funding section.

• Mid-February - a budget planning workshop will be held for all budget managers.


• Early March – All planning documents are due to your Senior Leader.

• Mid-March (After Spring Break) – Budget Hearings will be held. The hearing will be open to the entire community via Zoom.

• Late-March - College Cabinet will discuss all non-personnel strategic plan funding requests.


  • Quarterly Strategic Plan Review

• Early April - SLT will review and discuss all proposals. April 8, 2021 - SLT will conduct budget hearings.

• Mid-April – Dean of Finance and President's Office will review all recommendations and requests.

• Late April – Budget is finalized.


• Early May - College Cabinet will request updates from the College on current Strategic Plan tactics.

  • Mid-May – Budgets will be shared with College

  • Late May – College Cabinet updates the Strategic Plan with the following academic year's tactics.


  • Quarterly Strategic Plan Review

August (Prep weeks)

• College Cabinet will send out a recap and final report on the previous year's Strategic Plan tactics.

• College Cabinet will present the current academic year's tactics.


  • Quarterly Strategic Plan Review