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The Natural Sciences Department: Science "Majors"

Here is an overview of the course offerings in the Science Department at York County Community College

Science "Majors"

Here at YCCC, natural science courses are taught in the Science Department which is under Liberal Studies.  We don't have an official science major, but we do have some students who are interested in pursuing a bachelor's degrees in the natural, physical or earth sciences.  These kinds of degrees can lead to careers in research, biotechnology, and environmental work, for example.  Additionally, students with four-year science-intensive degrees can pursue post-graduate degrees in research, medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine.   Students should focus on getting a well-rounded education in Liberal Studies by taking a variety of courses in all areas.  Strong math skills are important, as is computer literacy.  Students interested in majoring in the natural, physical or earth sciences at a four year school should strongly consider taking these natural science classes, along with any other science classes that interest them:

Not all courses are taught every semester. For the latest course offerings, see the Course Schedules page of the college website. For information on how to register for classes, click here.