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Gender Equity: Home

Empowering Men and Women in Nontraditional Fields

Gender Equity at YCCC

The Gender Equity program at YCCC is dedicated to supporting students enrolled in non-traditional fields for their gender.  
So what exactly are the non-traditional fields? They are occupations in which less than 25% of one gender is enrolled or employed.  

Here are majors at YCCC that fall into this category. Download the brochures in the fields that interests you.


If you are interested in any of these fields contact the Department Chairs. 


Career Competencies

What's in it for Me?

Our overall goal at YCCC is to help you become successful in your chosen field, regardless of your gender.  Gender equity plays an important role in ensuring that men and women have the same educational and professional opportunities

The YCCC Gender Equity Program offers you:

  • A supportive environment to help you succeed
  • Student-to-Student Mentoring Program
  • Educational programs empowering men and women
  • Resources on gender equity issues
  • Scholarship and grant information
  • Information on community and national events
  • Faculty to help you succeed

“They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelo


Video 1 -  Sheryl Sandberg, “ Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders”

Video 2 - “Men: Making a Difference in Early Childhood Education”

Video 3 -   Debbie Sterling, “ Inspiring the Next Generation of Women”