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American Studies: The Courses

American Studies Programs Courses

HUM 105 Introduction to American Studies

This course explores major themes in American society and culture through interdisciplinary fields and sources including history, novels, poetry, autobiography, speeches, art, film, photography, music, politics, and popular culture. 

HUM 111 Arts in America

This course focuses on art forms that have influenced, and been influenced by, American culture. Genres explored include literature, music, fine arts, theatre, and film. Guided by representative themes, students will explore various art forms for their aesthetic, social, cultural, and historical value. The major goal of the class is to lead students to consider what the arts mean to them and to the larger community in which they interact, the role of art in building a national culture, how art helps us to interpret and understand social and cultural upheaval, and methods of understanding the contrast between “popular” and “elite” art. While by no means an in-depth study of the arts in America, the course seeks to introduce varied forms to students and lead them to further exploration on their own.

HIS110 U.S. History I or HIS120 U.S. History II

HIS110: Survey of American history covering the political, social and economic development of the United States through the period of the Civil War and Reconstruction.  Students also will complete an independent research project on a specific topic in U.S. history. Prerequisites:  ENG 101 recommended.

HIS120: A survey course of American political, social and economic development following Reconstruction.  Examines the historical experience of the American people through the major ideas and forces that have shaped the nation.  Focus is placed on the urban-industrial age, liberal political reform, and American world leadership.  Prerequisites:  ENG 101 recommended.

HUM201 Multicultural America

This course takes an interdisciplinary approach to examining multicultural America.  Students will study issues related to race relations, ethnicity, gender, and class conflict in contemporary and historical America.  Questions to be studied include: What does it mean to be an American in a diverse society? How do we define and discuss ethnic, racial, and class differences? How have newcomers adjusted to, or resisted, the process of Americanization? Why have Americans either welcomed or excluded immigrants? Class resources will include literature, historical texts, film, and other materials. Students will complete an independent project in which they research a relevant current or historical issue.  Prerequisite:  ENG 101.


American Studies Electives and Recommended Courses

American Studies Electives

POS 101 American Government

HIS 125 U.S. Civil Rights

HIS 140 U.S. Religious History

HIS 106 Topics in American History

HIS 108 Women in U.S. History

ENG 224 American Literature I  or  ENG 225 American Literature II

HUM 205 American Studies Seminar

HIS 110 U.S. History I  or  HIS 120 U.S. History II

Recommended Courses:

SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology

POS 101 American Government

HIS 125 U.S. Civil Rights