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Tom McGinn: Department Chair

Tom McGinn

Tom McGinn has a diverse professional background which began with General Electric, designing aircraft engines for 10 years. In 1985, while working at GE, he helped North Shore Community College develop courses in CAD. Tom was offered an adjunct teaching position and taught there for the first six semesters until moving to Maine in 1991.

Tom started a CAD consulting business in 1989, working for companies from New York to Maine and eventually became the principle designer for two companies: Clearwater Systems, developers of water treatment plants; and Maine Timberfames. Tom still works part-time for both of those companies and, through that work, has developed an awareness of the need for sustainable design.

Although his work relies on high tech software and tools, he realizes that natural resources are limited and that design must consider those resources. Tom holds a A.A.S., in Computer Technology from North Shore Community College, a B.S. In Business Administration from Fitchburg State University and a M.A. in Sustainability and Environmental Design from Harvard University.