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Medical Assisting: Course Descriptions

MAS - Medical Assisting Courses

MAS 105 - Medical Terminology
3 credits/3 contact hours
This course is designed for the student to learn to build, analyze, spell and pronounce a medical vocabulary based on anatomical systems as they relate to symptoms, pathologic conditions and diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Word elements, prefixes, and suffixes form the basis for building the medical vocabulary. The course also provides the opportunity to learn common medical abbreviations used in medical documents and reports.

MAS 115 - Medical Office Administration
3 credits/3 contact hours
This course provides an understanding of the administrative functions of a medical office and builds upon the foundations of professionalism, communication skills and management. Students will learn the process of overseeing the physical office, policies and procedures, records and schedules, liability insurance, inventories, equipment, finances, software, file entries for patients, codes and claims, documentation and report generation, electronic medical records (EMR), and transcription.

MAS 120 - Medical Law and Ethics
3 credits/3 contact hours
This course examines medical-legal guidelines, requirements and ethics as related to the Medical Assistant. Students will learn about laws regulating their professional responsibilities, including the acquisition, storage and dissemination of confidential medical information. Topics include consent, the physician-patient relationship, responsibility and rights, guidelines for third party agreements, and professional liability. Health occupation licensure and accreditation of medical facilities will be examined at both the federal and state levels.
Prerequisite: C or better in MAS 105

MAS 150 - Clinical Procedures I
4 credits/3 contact hours
This course develops and defines the student’s theoretical knowledge encompassing the principles of infection control and aseptic technique in both medical and surgical asepsis. Taking an accurate medical history and charting/documenting are introduced, as well as standard safety precautions in the office and clinical settings. Vital signs and physical measurements are presented, and an understanding of assisting with physical examinations and minor office procedures are established. Must be taken concurrently with MAS 151.
Prerequisites: C or better in MAS 105 and C or better in BIO 104.

MAS 151 - Clinical Procedures I Laboratory
0 credits/2 contact hours
Preparation and operation of medical equipment, including personal protective equipment (PPE), autoclave, sphygmomanometer, otoscope, ophthalmoscope, and anthropometric measuring equipment. Emphasis will be on proper clinical techniques and procedures, and patient safety. A mock clinic is included during the course that encompasses the entire skill set learned.
Must be taken concurrently with MAS 150.

MAS 205 - Medical Insurance and Coding
3 credits/3 contact hours
This course focuses on the support of medical practice finances, third-party billing, processing of claims, and applying managed care policies, procedures and fee schedules. Three types of coding systems and the relationship between procedures and diagnostic codes will be covered. The coding systems include: Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), International Classification of Diseases Clinical Modification (ICD-CM), and the Healthcare Financing Common Procedural Coding System (HCPCS). Prerequisites: C or better in MAS 105 and C or better in MAS 115.

MAS 225 - Pharmacology
3 credits/3 contact hours
The focus of this course is on the ethical and legal preparation and administration of medication to include classes of drugs, drug forms, drug actions, side effects, emergency use, substance abuse, calculation of dose and immunizations. The preparation and administration of parenteral and non-parenteral medication is presented as well as prescriptions including prescription parts, safekeeping, record-keeping, reordering and controlled substances. The maintenance of immunization records, medication disposal and the principles of intravenous therapy in terms of terminology and theory are discussed. Prerequisites: C or better in MAS 105 and C or better in BIO 104.

MAS 250 - Clinical Procedures II
4 credits/3 contact hours
This course teaches specimen collection methods and diagnostic testing techniques for Medical Assistants. Venipuncture and capillary puncture methods of blood collection are taught, as well as collecting specimens for urinalysis, microbial and immunological testing. Diagnostic methods include the electrocardiogram and urinalysis. Students are also introduced to the administration of oral and parenteral medications. Nutrition and health promotion are discussed, as well as orthopedic and
pediatric techniques. Safety for health providers and patients is emphasized. Must be taken concurrently with MAS 251. Prerequisites: C or better in MAS 150/MAS 151.

MAS 251 - Clinical Procedures II Laboratory
0 credits/2 contact hours
This course is the laboratory component for Clinical Procedures II. The lab will reinforce the topics covered in the lecture component and will allow students to perform clinical procedures related to those topics. Must be taken concurrently with MAS 250.
Prerequisite: MAS 150/ MAS 151

MAS 290 - Medical Assisting Practicum
4 credits/4 contact hours
This 160 hour rotation to clinical affiliate sites is the culmination of didactic training. This supervised practicum is set in various ambulatory health care settings wherein the student will perform both administrative and clinical procedures. This is a mandatory practicum for graduation.
Prerequisites: MAS 250/251, G.P.A. of 3.0 in program courses, with at least 45 credits earned in the program of
study and permission of the Department Chair or designee.