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Education: Course Descriptions

EDU - Education Courses

EDU 100– Topics in Education
3 credits/3 contact hours
This course provides an exploration of a particular theme, current topic or issue in the field of education. Topics discussed will be outside of those carried in the catalog on a regular basis. The course may be repeated for credit when the topic varies.

EDU 102 - Introduction to Teaching
3 credits/3 contact hours
This course is designed for students who want to explore a career in K-12 teaching. The course includes a survey of historical trends and philosophical perspectives shaping education as well as discussion of major issues in today, including national and state frameworks for learning (Maine Learning Results). Students will review the varied roles of teachers as they work with students, parents and administrators as well as Maine’s teacher certification requirements. Students also will acquire a general knowledge of learning theory and best practice models in the field today.

EDU 105 - Introduction to Exceptionality
3 credits/3 contact hours
The students examine the tenets of the special education law, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, IDEA. The students study the categorical areas of special education, learning disabilities, emotional/ behavioral impairment, attention deficit/hyperactive disorder, giftedness, mental retardation, severe/multiple disabilities, autism, other health impairment, physical disabilities, traumatic brain injury, communication impairments, hearing impairments, and visual impairments. Students explore etiology and diagnosis of the categorical areas and learn methods of educational intervention for each.
Students connect the needs of the categorical areas to the mandate for instruction in the regular curriculum.

EDU 160 - Technology in Education
3 credits/4 contact hours
The students explore software and Web sites aimed at the learner and teacher with an emphasis on critically assessing computer activities for learners. The students will research and assess appropriate teaching aids and resources. Students develop plans and strategies for using other types of technical media: teaching, learning and assessment tools. Students receive a basic introduction to the current operating system and to the Internet.

EDU 206 - Instructional Strategies
3 credits/3 contact hours
Throughout this course students develop an understanding of the value of serving all learners in a learning environment. Students explore modifications, adaptations, motivational techniques and instructional strategies for the learning community based upon individual learner’s needs. Students investigate, design and practice a variety of teaching methods for use in any classroom where one may encounter a wide spectrum of diversity and learning styles.
Prerequisites: EDU 105 and (ECE 111 or PSY 214)

EDU 215 - Classroom and Behavior Management
3 credits/3 contact hours
This course includes the topics and best practices of classroom management. Students study strategies for reinforcing positive behavior and facilitating community building of learning environments. Students will research behavior techniques to build self-motivation skills and responsibility in the classroom. Successful partnerships between teacher and child and between family and school will be explored. The students will research current strategies to increase the flow of instruction and to minimize inappropriate behavior. The student completes field-related observations and projects to record and to apply appropriate behavior management constructs.
Prerequisite: C or better in both
ENG 101 and EDU 102