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Academic Affairs: Curriculum

Curriculum Development

The Curriculum Committee is a Standing Committee that reviews courses, programs and academic policies to ensure that they are sound, comprehensive and relevant to the College’s mission.

As new courses and programs are proposed, it is important that they are developed according to institutional standards of quality. One of the major purposes of the Curriculum Committee is to oversee a curricular review and approval process, which will ensure that courses and programs will be in compliance with high standards.

The following activities are included in the scope of the Curriculum Committee:

  • Developing a timeline for discussion and approval of new and revised academic programs and courses
  • Recommending the continuance, suspension or discontinuance of academic programs and courses.
  • Reviewing and approving new and revised academic programs and courses.
  • Defining and interpreting the underlying philosophy and strategies for instructional policies and curricula.

Documents & Forms

Curriculum Committee