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Persuasive Speeches: Persuasive Speeches

Finding Resources for Your Persuasive Speech

When looking for information your speech, keep the requirements of the assignment in mind.

  • Can you use magazine articles as well as scholarly journals?
  • How many sources do you need?
  • Do you have a topic in mind?  Is it acceptable to your instructor?
  • Can you use Internet sources?

When using Internet sources, it's important to evaluate the content before using it in a speech or paper.  Ask these questions to determine whether the websites you find are credible and reliable.

  1. Who created the page? Does the person or organization have the appropriate credentials?
  2. Why was this site created? What is the purpose of the site?  For example, is it sponsored by a company that has a financial interest in the topic?
  3. When was the page created and/or last updated? How current is the information?
  4. Does the author cite trustworthy sources? How does the author support his/her argument?

Problem-Cause-Solution Speech

Monroe's Motivated Sequence

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Tips for Writing a Persuasive Speech

persuasive speech tries to sway an audience into accepting the ideas or beliefs presented by the speaker.

The persusive speech will try to change opinion or at the very least have the audience take into account some elements that have not been considered before.