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The Humanities Department: Film

Film Classes at YCCC

Film classes at YCCC teach both analysis (how to watch, understand, and enjoy film) and production (how to create films of one’s own). Students interested in related studies in film production might also choose to explore courses offered through the college’s Digital Media program, housed in the Design Technology Department.

Course Offerings

COM 101: Introduction to Film
Film techniques, terminology, and criticism are studied, using a variety of recent popular films on television and videotape as the subjects for discussion and analysis.  Prerequisite:  None
COM 110: Introduction to Digital Filmmaking
This hands-on course provides an introduction to the art of filmmaking in the medium of digital video. Students will write, shoot, and edit short films using the college’s digital cameras and editing equipment. The course will cover the fundamentals of filmmaking, including basic scriptwriting, cinematography, lighting, editing, and sound recording, as well as some advanced concepts in visual storytelling and cinematic expression. Prerequisite:  None