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The Humanities Department: History

History Classes at YCCC

History classes cover a wide range of topics. In addition to traditional courses in Western civilization and U.S. history, students can explore specialized subjects such as civil rights, World Wars I and II, and U.S. religious history. 

Course Offerings

HIS 101: Western Civilization: From Antiquity to 1715                           
A basic survey and introduction to the heritage of Western society from the birth of Near Eastern civilization to European early-modern times. Particular attention is given to the ancient civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome. Medieval civilization is explored with a focus on the institutions it bequeathed to the modern world. The Renaissance and Reformation and the rise of the great nation-states are studied from social, cultural, political and economic perspectives. This course content covers Western Civilization to 1715.  The course also introduces students to historical research methods.

HIS 102: Western Civilization: From 1715 to the Present                        
This course is a continuation of HIS-101, Western Civilization to 1715. It is a basic survey and introduction to the heritage of Western society from early modern times to the present. Particular attention is given to the Enlightenment, the Age of Democratic Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, Victorian Europe and the World Wars.
HIS 110: United States History to 1877    
Survey of American history covering the political, social and economic development of the United States through the period of the Civil War and Reconstruction.  Students also will complete an independent research project on a specific topic in U.S. history. Prerequisites:  ENG 101 recommended.
HIS 120: United States History 1877 to the Present        
A survey course of American political, social and economic development following Reconstruction.  Examines the historical experience of the American people through the major ideas and forces that have shaped the nation.  Focus is placed on the urban-industrial age, liberal political reform, and American world leadership.  Prerequisites:  ENG 101 recommended.
HIS 125: U.S. Civil Rights: The Struggle for Equality and Justice
This course surveys the journey of civil rights through the literary voices and social movements that framed and fueled the quest for civic equality in U.S. history.  Students will engage an overview of the U.S. struggle for equal rights by examining speeches, sermons, music, and movements.  Through interaction with literary, audio, and video resources, students will increase not only their understanding of the issues but of the eloquence of public discourse and action required to produce social change.  Students will thus enhance their critical thinking, reading, and writing skills in conjunction with gaining appreciation of the challenging nature of civil rights in both historical and contemporary terms. Prerequisite: C or better in ENG 095, or appropriate Reading Placement Exam score.
HIS 140: U.S. Religious History
This course entails a survey of 400 years of the U.S. religious saga, noting major themes, groups, persons, trends, and contributions of the central religious movements and institutions in U.S. history. Focus is also given to the interchange between religion, culture, morality and politics. The course further emphasizes critical thinking skills, interpretation, reasoning, dialogue, and the expression of ideas in writing. Prerequisite:  C or better in ENG 095 or appropriate Reading Placement Exam score
HIS 105: Topics in History: Age of World War
This specialized seminar addresses events and issues related to World War I and World War II.