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The Humanities Department: Language

Language Classes at YCCC

Language classes provide training in all the major facets of language-learning: reading/writing, speaking/listening, and cultural knowledge. YCCC offers both introductory and advanced language courses.

Course Offerings

ASL 101: Beginning American Sign Language
This course provides an introduction to American Sign Language, with an emphasis on basic ASL conversation skills. Students will study ASL vocabulary, fingerspelling, and grammar, and learn to apply that knowledge in various conversational situations. Students will also learn about the history of ASL and Deaf culture, including specific issues and controversies as they relate to the Deaf community. Prerequisite:  None
ASL 102: American Sign Language II
This course builds upon the skills and knowledge acquired in ASL I. Students will increase their ASL vocabulary, refine their fingerspelling skills, deepen their understanding of ASL grammar, and learn to apply their knowledge in advanced conversational situations. The course will also add to students’ understanding of Deaf culture, as well as linguistic issues related to ASL. Prerequisite: ASL 101
LAT 101: Beginning Latin
This course serves as an introduction to Latin, with attention to the fundamental language skills: reading/writing, speaking/listening, and cultural knowledge. Particular emphasis will be given to grammatical concepts, as well as to Latin’s influence on English and its ongoing value as a tool for English speakers. Prerequisites:  None

SPA 101: Conversational Spanish I
This course teaches Spanish conversation and grammar with practice in business situations, particularly those suitable for the hospitality and tourism industries.  The course will use a variety of oral situations and scenarios to equip students to function in different situations within a Spanish-speaking context.  This course offers interpersonal transactions and geographical and cultural awareness of the Hispanic world.   
SPA 102: Conversational Spanish II
This course further develops oral comprehension and fluency as well as written communication at an intermediate level in Spanish through culturally relevant materials.  Students further increase vocabulary, dramatize everyday topics of conversation, interpret and describe materials, and compare and contrast Latin American and Spanish cultures with U. S. culture both oral and in writing.  This course is intended for students who want to further enhance their conversational and reading skills.  This course is quite useful for those students who may use the language in the business, hospitality and/or tourism fields. Prerequisite:  C or better in SPA 101 or three years of high school Spanish.