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The Humanities Department: Religion

Religion Classes at YCCC

Religion courses allow students to survey the world’s diverse faiths, or to conduct in-depth study of a particular religious tradition. Students interested in related studies might also explore the Humanities Department’s history or ethics/philosophy courses.

Though religion classes at YCCC are categorized under HUM or HIS prefixes, they are also cross-referenced here for convenience.

Course Offerings

HIS 140: U.S. Religious History
This course entails a survey of 400 years of the U.S. religious saga, noting major themes, groups, persons, trends, and contributions of the central religious movements and institutions in U.S. history. Focus is also given to the interchange between religion, culture, morality and politics. The course further emphasizes critical thinking skills, interpretation, reasoning, dialogue, and the expression of ideas in writing. Prerequisite:  C or better in ENG 095 or appropriate Reading Placement Exam score
HUM 110: World Religions           
This course provides a survey of the major religions that have had a world-wide impact on human history, culture, and civilization. Particular attention will be given to the religious traditions and beliefs of Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. Civil religion, universalism, and the influence of secular culture on religions will be discussed.  The course also emphasizes critical thinking skills, interpretation, reasoning and the expression of ideas in writing.  Prerequisite: C or better in ENG 095, or appropriate Reading Placement Exam score.

HUM 210: Historical and Literary Survey of the Bible
This course provides an overview of the historical background, cultural context, literary genre, and thematic content of the Judeo-Christian Bible.  Attention will be given to textual understanding based on historical and literary interpretation.  Correlations will be made to contemporary language, morality, religion, and culture. Prerequisite: ENG 101