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The Humanities Department: Theater

Theater Classes at YCCC

YCCC offers two unique courses in the dramatic arts. Students can deepen their understanding of theatrical history, expand their own skills as performers, and gain ability in related practices such as public speaking.

Course Offerings

THE 123: Introduction to Theater
This course serves as an introduction to theater from the actor’s perspective. The course will explore several fundamental areas of theater, including improvisation, pantomime, voice, and method acting, and students will participate in performance exercises as a way to deepen their understanding of theatrical practices. The course will also examine historical theater movements to understand the origins of the theatrical conventions used today. Prerequisite: None

THE 180: Stand-up Comedy
This performance course offers students the opportunity to develop, practice and perform a 5-minute stand-up comedy routine.  The course will explore the craft of writing comedy, the history of stand-up comedy, and comedy performance elements.  Students will analyze and critique contemporary comics, participate in a field trip to a comedy show, and perform their routines to a live audience at YCCC. Prerequisite:  None
THE 150: Playwriting
This course introduces students to the art of playwriting for the contemporary theater. Students will study the elements of storytelling, as well as theatrical conventions; read and discuss plays by past and current playwrights; and create and share their own ten-minute and one-act plays. Emphasis will be placed on the workshop process, and on the practical steps necessary for creating, submitting, and staging plays. Prerequisite: None