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Computer Science and Information Technology: General

Computer Science and Information Technology, an Academic Department

General Information

About the Programs:

A degree or certificate in the Computer Science or Information Technology areas will prepare you to work in the corporate information technology field. This field has a wide number of jobs and is often considered a growth area both locally and nationwide. Visit Career Services' Career Info by Major to view national and state occupational data.

Some students have immediately moved on to good positions within the area, while others have continued on to obtain their bachelor's degree after graduation at YCCC. The choice is yours.

About Us:

We strive to provide a balanced approach, teaching both practical skills and the theory behind them. We strive to give you the skills to not only survive today, but for you to be able to keep learning as the field of technology never stops.  

The classes and courses are designed to give you hands-on experience in diagnostic, repair, and installation; network design and management; programming and server administration. From there, there is a wide range of options to take your career.

Photo of a network switch

What We Offer:

motherboard with cpu fan


Currently the department is offers an AAS Degree in Information Technology, an AS Degree in Computer Science, a Certificate in Help Desk & User Support, a Certificate in Networked Systems Technology, and a Certificate in Web Development

Once completing the certificate, you can apply those earned credits towards the Computer Technology degree program if you wish to continue your education. Additionally, we have worked together with several area universities to provide specific pathways to continue your education past the AAS degree.