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Computer Science and Information Technology: Advising

Computer Science and Information Technology, an Academic Department

Prerequisites and Sequencing - What you need to take First

When planning your courses, make sure to keep in mind what you might need to take this semester in order to take a desired course the next semester. Here are a some to keep in mind (there are other sequences too - so make sure to check the Course Catalog):

  • CIS 118 requires MAT 092
  • CIS 133 requires MAT 098
  • CIS 230 requires CIS 118
  • CIS 235 requires CIS 133
  • CIS 220 requires PHI 102 and CIS 118
  • MAT 210 requires either MAT 122 or MAT 127

What to take When?

In general, you will want to follow the Program Sequencing in the Course Catalog. Follow the Course Catalog that corresponds to the academic year that you declared "Computer Technology" as your major. However, you can always "move up" to the current list of requirements if you so desire by filling out a change of major (with "Computer Technology" being both the "from" and "to" majors).    

Each YCCC student enrolled in a degree program is assigned a facuty advisor who can help with your course selection and planning as well as post-YCCC academc and career exploration. To find out who your faculty advisor is, log into the MyYCCC portal and click on Personal Info then Academic Info. In addition to your faculty advisor, YCCC also has a Career & Transfer Services office.

AAS in Information Technology - What to take When? - The Current Requirements

For current AAS in Information echnology requirements, the following is recommended...

  • Take CIS 118, Information Technology Fundamentals, as soon as you can. It is offered most semesters.
  • Start taking the required math courses as early as possible, especially if you think you might need a remedial math class or two. You will need at least two college-level MAT courses to graduate.
  • Take  NET 110 Network Essentials I, near the beginning of your time here at YCCC. While it does not have a pre-requisite, taking CIS 118 beforehand or at the same time is recommended. It is offered most Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Don't just take the technical courses in any one semester - variety will help you graduate in the time you want to. Try to mix in your non-technical courses each semester, especially both MAT and ENG courses as there are multiple courses needed in both areas to graduate.
  • Take the required programming course (CIS 133) early,  It is offered most Fall or Spring semesters. It is a pre-requisite for WEB 215
  • I recommend take CIS 217, Database Management, in the middle of your degree (after the 2nd semester is often a good time). It is currently offered online only.
  • Try to take a 200-level CIS or WEB course after your second semester. Different courses are offered at different times, but they appear more often in the Spring semester.
  • Expect to take CIS 220, Information Security, near the end of your degree (it will make even more sense if you delay taking it until you have taken a number of other technical courses). CIS 220 is currently only offered in the Spring semesters. You must have taken PHI 102, Ethics and Contemporary Society, and CIS 118, Information Technology Fundamentals, before taking CIS 220.
  • If you can take courses during the summer, do so. Summer is a good time to take the required non-technical courses.
  • Of the three business course choices, most people take BUS 110, Introduction to Business