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The Humanities Department: Humanities Home

Contact Information

Humanities Department

Chair:   David Susman
Office:   B105G
Phone:  (207) 216-4358

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To explore offerings in the humanities, click on the tabs located across the top of this page.

What About Writing and Literature?

Looking for writing courses or courses that focus on literature?

Writing and literary studies are vital disciplines within the humanities. However, at YCCC, writing and literature courses are housed separately, in the English department. English and humanities faculty work closely together to coordinate course offerings.

For information on English classes, contact Dr. Dianne Fallon, English Department Chair: 216-4357 or

The Humanities at York County Community College

The word "humanities" refers to a broad range of disciplines--essentially, any field of study that focuses on human creativity or culture. Thus, the humanities include all traditional arts, as well as history, philosophy, religion, and languages.

At YCCC, we offer a variety of humanities courses. Some are rooted in the creative arts, including music, film, drama, and fine arts. Others focus on ideas and theories that form the very backbone of our world: U.S. and global history, ethics, and philosophy. All of our humanities courses emphasize the power of ideas, the value of creativity, the importance of critical thinking, and the worth of human achievement.

Even more broadly, the humanities reflect a love of learning. We study the humanities not simply to gain marketable skills, but to widen our knowledge, to deepen our intellect, to foster our curiosity, to enhance our life skills, and to find and appreciate meaning, significance, and beauty in the world around us.

We invite you to explore the humanities offerings at YCCC and beyond.