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The Humanities Department: Music

Music Classes at YCCC

Music classes at YCCC allow students to deepen their musical interests and abilities, either by refining their music-listening skills, or by creating music of their own. No prior musical knowledge or training is required for our courses.

Course Offerings

MUS 101: Music Appreciation   
This course explores a variety of music from all eras of the Western music tradition. It seeks to increase students’ appreciation for, and familiarity with, the basic building blocks of music and how they are used. Students will develop the vocabulary and listening skills necessary to analyze music, and their personal responses to it.
Prerequisite: ENG 101 recommended
MUS 105: Music Fundamentals 

This course introduces students to the reading, interpretation, and composition of music by developing their understanding of the rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic construction of music through written exercise and simple performance. This course is designed for students who have no experience reading or writing music, as well as those with some previous experience.


MUS 120: YCCC Chorale
This course provides theoretical and practical musical knowledge by allowing students to participate in a vocal ensemble. Students will learn basic concepts in music theory, and as a group they will practice the skills necessary for successful vocal performances. Coursework will include participation in one or more group performances for the YCCC community. This mixed-voice ensemble is open to all students without audition.