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SSC Strategic Planning: YCCC Student Success Commons Strategic Planning

YCCC Institutional Strategic Planning

Learning Outcomes for the Student Success Commons at YCCC

Strategic Goals for the Student Success Commons at YCCC

(Approved by the Assessment Committee on October 14, 2021).

1. The SSC will create a space where transformative change is possible.

2. The SSC will foster a thriving community that enhances learning.

3. The SSC will help students achieve their academic goals and curricular requirements.

4. Students using the SSC will have an increased sense of self-confidence and mastery of course content.

5. Students using the SSC will develop and sharpen critical thinking and problem solving skills.

6. The SSC will partner with faculty and adjunct faculty to support student success

7. The SSC will effectively communicate information about services to faculty and students, in all modalities