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Liberal Studies Program: Diversity & Creative Arts Courses

This guide provides detailed information about the Liberal Studies A.A. program, including more about the Block Transfer program, FAQs, and transfer to four-year universities.

Complete the Transfer Block Diversty and Creative Arts requirements

In accordance with the University of Maine System-Maine Community College System Transfer Block, the Liberal Studies AA degree requires that all students take a 3-credit Creative Arts and a 3-credit Diversity.

Students can take more than one creative arts or diversity course, and those additional courses may count towards fulfilling other degree requirements. For example, a student who takes three different Creative Arts courses will fulfill both the Creative Arts requirement AND the requirement to take 6 Humanities credits, since all three courses are Humanities course.

In another scenario, a student might take SOC 210, Social Problems, to fulfill the Diversity requirement and then take another Diversity-coded course, such as HUM 110, World Religions. In this case, the second course would count towards completing the Humanities requirement. 

However, one course cannot fulfill two requirements at the same time (i.e. no "double-dipping").  If you are uncertain about if you are completing the requirements, consult with your Academic Advisor.

Creative Arts Courses

ART 120 Drawing

ART 122 Drawing for Animation

ART 123 Introduction to Painting

Art 126 Foundations of Design

ART 131 Sculpture

ART 132 Introduction to Illustration

ARt 136 Digital Photography

ART 200 Topics in Studio Art

COM 110 Introduction to Digital Filmmaking

ENG 201 Creative Writing

ENG 205 Creative Non-Fiction

ENG 216 Nature Writing

MUS 120 YCCC Chorale


Updated Spring 2016

Diversity Courses

ANT 102 Cultural Anthropology

ENG 130 World Literature

HIS 125 U.S. Civil Rights

HUM 110 World Religions

HUM 201 Multicultural America

POS 105 Introduction to International Relations

SOC 201 Sociology of the Family

SOC 210 Social Problems

Updated spring 2016