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ME.Digital Humanities Institute: Week 3: Feb. 5-11

The Maine Digital Humanities Institute provides training and resources to faculty, librarians, museum professionals and others interested in digital humanities.

Week 3: HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

This week, we will complete the lesson on HTML-CSS (click here).  I know that some of you may already be familiar with HTML and CSS; if that's the case, feel free to move into the next lesson, Intro to Omeka, to learn more about Omeka.

As you work through the lesson, I encourage you to use the command (or terminal) line and Visual Studio Code as the lesson calls for, because doing so will help you get more comfortable with those tools, which you'll definitely need to use when we get to Python.

If you already use both HTML along with CSS on a regular basis, would you share an experience about one of your challenges in learning these languages and how figured it out? On a similar note, if you have been struggling with a particular HTML/CSS issues, tell us about it, and maybe one of us can suggest a fix.  

A note on CSS and seniority (i.e. "filtering"):

External .css sheets create a uniform look for every page on a website.

Internal CSS code in the "head" part of your webcode controls the look on an individual page and will override the uniform look generated by the external sheet.

Inline CSS code within a specific piece of the page  overrides the internal css controlling the overall page.

Thus, CSS provides a way to set up a webpage with a common look and feel throughout while also allowing plenty of opportunities for tweaking individual pages as suited to their purpose/function. (Feel free to suggest corrections or a better way of explaining).

Lesson quirks: I had a bit of trouble with getting my page to display as described when linked to the external style sheet. There may be a tiny bit of missing code in the lesson (although I did eventually get it to work). I'll be playing with the code again, but if you get to a similar place and get stumped, don't struggle with the problem for more than 10 minutes or so. Instead post your question/struggle, ideally with a screen shot of the code.