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Behavioral Health Studies Program: BHS Program Information

Highlights for BHS Students




  Kayla Britt

What made you decide to apply to the BHS program? After studying psychology for a couple of years at another college, I was looking for a school that was a great fit for my busy lifestyle and an affordable program that would qualify me to start working in the field (more...)

Important Dates:

Spring/Winter Registration               Begins November 2

Withdrawal for Fall Classes            November 14

Commencement Day                              May 13

FMI:  see the academic calendar

BHS Program Information


The Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician/Community (MHRT/C) certification is governed by the Muskie Center.  In order to receive the MHRT/C, you will need to complete the application to obtain the state certification.  The certification will NOT be automatically sent to you upon graduation; you must apply.  There is no fee for the application.

Once you've completed all of your degree requirements (i.e earned your Associate's degree) including the seven MHRT/C required courses, you can complete your application to receive your certification.

The 7 courses that are required for the MHRT/C are:

HUS-101 Intro. to Human Services (formerly BHS-101)
PSY-210 Psychology Across the Lifespan
PSY-230 Abnormal Psychology
PSY-232 Introduction to Counseling
PSY-234 Trauma and Recovery
PSY-244 Psychosocial Rehabilitation   SOC-210 Social Problems

BHS Program Curriculum Requirements

Associates in Applied Science

The Associate in Applied Science Behavioral Health Studies program is designed to prepare students with the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue a position in the mental health field or continue their studies at the Baccalaureate level. Areas of study include trauma, vocational rehabilitation, substance abuse issues, human development, cultural awareness, counseling theories, and the role of mental health providers.

Graduates of the associate degree program are eligible to receive their Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician Community Certification (MHRT/C) by virtue of their degree. This certificate represents the minimum licensing qualifications necessary for working in the mental health field in Maine (more...)

BHS Course Sequencing

Course Sequencing and Selection

These are recommendations of courses that you should take in the first or second year of the BHS program. There are various semester lengths offered at YCCC.  This allows students to expedite their program and students may start BHS courses during an accelerated or summer semester.  Students who placed into developmental math and/or English, may take a little longer to complete the program.  The BHS program requires that students complete 61 credits. 

Course Recommendations for First-Year Students in BHS

ENG 101               College Composition
Mathematics course from Core IV
PSY 101                 Introduction to Psychology
HUS 101               Intro Human Services
SOC 101                Introduction to Sociology
SPE 101                 Oral Communications
*PSY 210              Psychology Across the Lifespan
*PSY 230              Abnormal Psychology
Computer literacy (CIS-115 or CIS-118)
PHI 102                 Ethics in Contemporary Society

Course Recommendations for Second-Year Students in BHS

*SOC 210             Social Problems
*PSY 232              Introduction to Counseling
*PSY 234              Trauma and Recovery
Program elective courses (12 credits)
General Education Core IV, Lab Science (4 credits)
*PSY 244              Psychosocial Rehabilitation
Open Elective (3 credits)

*Due to contractual agreements with the Muskie Center, these courses cannot be transferred into YCCC from another institution.  These courses must be taken at YCCC due to MHRT/C regulations.

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Talk to your academic advisor for more information about how you can get a second degree in this hot field!  For the program description and to learn (more...)

BHS Department Chair

To determine who your advisor is, please visit the YCCC student portal and follow these instructions or contact student affairs at 646-9282.

Cathy Ferrick, M.Ed.
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