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Assessment Projects: Repository

Project Title Department/Program Date
Prerequisites to Anatomy and Physiology Natural Sciences (Liberal Studies) in process
Measuring faculty awareness of library services Library in process
Business Communications Quantitative Literacy Study Liberal Studies in process
Consistency across Psychology 101 sections Social Sciences in process
Improving staff advising in Student Affairs Student Affairs in process
Best Practices in Learning Centers: YCCC & NCLAC Student Success Commons  in process
Re-assessing the Quality Scorecard Online Learning Committee in process
Joint Program Advisory Committee Assessment Conference Academic Affairs September 2020
Valentine's Day Student Survey Assessment Conference Student Affairs

September 2020

Liberal Studies Program Review Academic Affairs September 2020
Assessing YCCC's COVID-19 Response President's Office June 2020
YC3 Con: Increasing public awareness of the Digital Media program Digital Media, AAS May 2020
Online Course Design Checklist Pilot Study Online Learning Committee 2019
Growing Pains in the Student Success Commons Student Success Commons/Library 2020
Copyright, Fair Use, & Attributions: Faculty Development Academic Affairs 2019
Criminal Justice Program Assessment: Career Readiness Criminal Justice 2019
ENG 112 Writing & Lit Assessment English 2019
Tracking Reference Statistics: Mini-assessment Library 2019
Year-round coverage for the Office for Students with Disabilities Office for Students with Disabilities 2019
Cornerstones of Governance Survey 2018 College Council 2018
CUL 104 ServSafe Assessment Project Culinary Arts/Pastry Option 2018
The Impact of Library Instruction on Student Success Library 2018
Assessing the Online Learning @ YCCC web pages Student Success team 2018
Behavioral Health Sciences Behavioral Health Sciences 2017
MUL 175: Texture & Lighting assessment project Digital Media 2017
English 112 Writing and Literature Assessment Project English 2017
Assessment of Online Education Online Learning advisory team 2017
Institutional Learning Outcomes Assessment Assessment Committee 2017
ENG 112 Writing Confidence Survey Results English 2016
An Assessment of the YCCC Library's Monograph Collection Library 2016
Communication Rubric Project Report Assessment Committee 2015
"Three Things" Library Assessment Project Report Library 2015
Cornerstones of Governance Survey 2014 College Council 2014
Library Website Usability Study Library 2011
Cornerstones of Governance Survey 2009 College Council 2009
Reviewing YCCC's General Education Core Curriculum General Education 2009
Information Literacy Assessment Project, 2009 Liberal Studies 2009
The High Road to Transfer Liberal Studies 2008
Learning Communities: Models in Action Liberal Studies 2005
Cornerstones of Governance Survey 2004 College Council 2004
Assessing Student Learning in CIS 220 Computer Science 2003
Introduction to Local Area Networks Computer Science 2003
Overall Student Outcomes in ENG 101 English 2003
Information Literacy Assessment Project, 2003 Liberal Studies 2003
ENG 101 Portfolio Assessment, 2003 Liberal Studies 2003
IMT 104 Machine Transcription Assessment Office Management 2003
Assessing Quantitative Skills in SCI 110 Science 2002
Assessing Outcomes in English 101 English 2001