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Faculty Guide to Online Student Support: Information Literacy Support

Information Literacy Support

Are your students research ready?

Do your students need help finding reliable sources of information?  Do they have the skills to find, evaluate, use, and cite information? 

The YCCC Library is here to help!

Resources on the Library Website

Let's take a look at how the YCCC Library website can provide resources for research assignments - a great alternative to Google.

REMEMBER: Encyclopedia articles, e-books, articles, and videos on the Library website come with properly formatted citations that can be copied for a bibliography.


Your students will need the Library's quick access login and password to access all the virtual resources on the website. You and your students can use the Ask us tab on the right and we'll provide that information.


The tabs under the Start your research banner on the Library website leads you through some of the sources you might want your students to use, based on what the assignment requires.

Contact a Librarian

There are a number of ways to contact a Librarian:

 Ask us  Click on the Ask us tab on the right hand side of the Library website, complete the form, and submit your question.

 Monday - Friday: 9:00 am to 11:00 am and 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm Tues. & Wed. 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm 

Online Tutorials

DIY Library Instruction Options


Item + Estimated Time

Access to Library online resources from off-campus

YCCC students can access the library’s online resources from off campus by using the Library's Quick Access login and password. Click the ASK US tab 


Get started on research

Review your assignment video 2 min.

Choose a topic video 3 min.

Choosing a manageable research topic video 4 min.

Developing a research question video 2 min.

Developing keywords video 4 min.

Topic ideas from Old Dominion University

Take a tour of the library website

YCCC Library Website

Learn more about your topic with encyclopedia articles

Doing background research using Credo Reference video 5 min.

Learn to find books, e-books, DVDs, & CDs (only e-books available for Fall semester 2020)

Searching Minerva, YCCC’s Online Catalog video 6 min.

Finding E-books in Minerva Online Catalog while we all work from home (video) 5 min.

YCCC’s Library article databases

Students will learn how to find articles with a research database. The databases featured will have different looks.

Popular vs. scholarly sources magazines, journals, and trade journals

Popular vs scholarly – video + quiz 5 min.

Using Academic Search Complete video 6 min.

Using ProQuest Central video 5 min.

 YCCC’s complete list of databases

Find articles in New York Times w/ProQuest Newstand video 4 min.

Reading and understanding scholarly articles video and short quiz 10 min.

YCCC Library’s Subject Guides located on the library website

Using YCCC’s subject guides for effective research video 20 min.


How to search Google like a pro video 6 min.

Evaluating sources

Evaluating sources video 3 min.

Avoiding plagiarism + help with citations and bibliographies

Help with citations and bibliographies

Students will learn what plagiarism is, how to avoid it, and the importance of citing information.

How to create a Noodlebib citation using Quick Cite: Copy and Paste video 4 min.

How to create a Noodebib citation from scratch (without copy and paste) video 6 min.

Ask a Librarian

Click the ASK US tab on the right hand side of the Library’s website, to fill out and send the form.