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The NEERHS Library & Archives: Other Online Resources


On this page, you'll find links to a variety of resources available online.  These materials are not owned by the STM Library & Archives, but are freely available on the web and gathered here for your convenience.

Street Railway Journal (continued by Electric Railway Journal)

A weekly record of the world's progress in city and interurban railroading.  McGraw Publishing Company.  Price: 50 cents.  Includes advertisements.

Electric Railway Journal, 1908 - 1931. (Formerly Street Railway Journal)

The Digital Public Library of America

Quick links to the DPLA collection:

Electric railroads: over 3000 items online

Street railroads: over 14,000 items online

Interurban railroads: over 190 items online

Horse railroads: over 200 items online

Trackless trolleys: over 40 items online

Buses:  over 4900 items online