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Last Minute Research: Step 2

Do this next

OK, now that you're breathing again, here's your next step:

Get in touch with the YCCC Library, as soon as possible, using the Ask Us button to the right.  You can call, email, chat online, or visit in person.  Whatever works best for you.

Let us know that you're in a last minute, emergency research situation. 

We'll then ask you some questions:

♦ What's your topic?
♦ What kind of information do you need (books, articles, websites...)?
♦ Are you still breathing?
♦ How many sources do you need?
♦ What citation style do you need to use?

And then we'll get busy.  The librarians, that is.  Usually what we'll do first is find you a good encyclopedia article on your topic.  If you're working from home, we'll email that to you.  Read it, then order the pizza, and put on a big pot of coffee.

While you're waiting for the pizza, the librarians will be tracking down some good articles for you and will be sending those to you also via email *with* the proper citations attached.   You'll probably have 6 - 10 good articles in your Inbox within the hour.  How cool is that?!

Once we've found some good articles, we'll find a couple of high quality websites, if that's appropriate.  Not Wikipedia either.  The really good websites that your instructors will actually like and that we, your librarians, have already evaluated for you.  Because that's what we do.