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Company Research: Articles

Recommended article databases


Free access to full-text magazine, journal, and newspaper articles. These articles also come with the properly formatted citations for you to copy into your bibliography.

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What if I Need...

Doing Company Research - When looking for information about a company, consider information from the company itself (the company website, SEC filings, press releases, etc.) and information about the company written by others (newspaper, journal, & magazine articles, analyst reports, etc.).

What Are You Looking For?

Where You Might Find It?

Company's official name and parent corporation and its headquarters.


Google search often gives a summary of vital company information on the right hand side of page.

Hoover’s Handbook of American Business in the Reference section HG 4057 .A28 2022

Is the company public or private?

If a company has a stock market ticker symbol, it is publicly traded.  Look up the company name in Wall St. Journal’s MarketWatch Lookup

You can also use the Symbol Lookup at Ameritrade

Company profiles


Hoover's Company Profiles (Proquest) Includes: company overview, history, officers, competitors, products and operations, rankings, financial information etc.

Business Source Complete (article database) is a good source of some company profiles, published by Marketline.

Check the company website for news or press releases, investor relations, or publications links.

Keep in mind that the company's website is a marketing tool, used to showcase company accomplishments, so review this information critically.

SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)


Business Source Complete (article database) is a good place to find SWOT analyses.

Find articles

A popular magazine article about a business is meant to give you an overview of interesting and/or practical information, while the scholarly journal article is meant to measure, analyze, and interpret some higher order concepts. Both are useful in their own way. 


Use the Article tab of the Company Research Guide and select one of the article database

Possible searches using keywords:

  • whole foods market inc. AND competition
  • harley davidson inc. AND business model

Company financials: Annual reports are useful for this

Publicly traded companies in the United States are required by law to submit information (10-K’s and 10-Q’s filed annually and quarterly respectively) to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Look for form 10-K documents and annual reports filed with the SEC:

Annual Reports - you can also find some annual reports here.

Annual - Provides free web access to the annual reports of many companies.


Keyword Searching - Using AND, OR, & NOT

  Article Search Tips

*  When searching for articles, remember to connect your search terms using "AND" or "OR." 

For example, if you are looking for articles on the management style used at Harley Davidson, Inc., search for:

harley davidson inc. AND management style.

*  Most databases will let you choose the type of publication you need, such as magazines, newspapers, or scholarly journals.

Scholarly Journal vs Trade or Popular Magazine

Trade Magazines

Popular Magazines

Scholarly Journals