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Photography: Articles

Recommended article databases


Free access to full-text magazine, journal, and newspaper articles. These articles also come with the properly formatted citations for you to copy into your bibliography.

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Photography News from Shutterbug Magazine

News, equipment reviews, techniques, and forums about photography from ShutterBug.

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Keyword Searching - Using AND, OR, & NOT

Sample search

To find articles discussing online photo sharing software, try a search like this:

"digital photography" AND Flickr

Database Search Tips

Phrase Searching

Use quotation marks to search for an exact person, place or thing related to your topic.
“Annie Leibovitz”
"objective truth"
"modern portraiture"


Root Word Searching
Enter the root of a word and put an asterisk   *  at the end.
The database will return results that include any ending of that root word.
light* = light, lighted, lighting
photo* =  photograph, photographable,
photographer, etc.