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Choosing & Developing a Topic: Choose a topic

How to Choose a Topic

A few things to consider when choosing a topic for your assignment:

  • Choose something that interests you, or has touched you and your family, or that you want to know more about.
  • Look through your textbook for ideas.
  • Browse newspapers and magazines for current events.
  • Brainstorm for topics with your professor, classmates, or librarians.
  • Consider whether the Library is likely to have material and information on your topic.

Tip from the Librarians

  • Choose a topic that is neither too broad nor too narrow.
  • Try not to use topics that may be "overused".
  • Clear the topic with your insturctor.

Topic Ideas from Books @ YCCC Library

YCCC Library has several series on controversial topics as well as other books that suggest many different topics.

Topic Ideas from Articles in YCCC Databases

You can easily browse topic ideas in several YCCC article databases.

Topic Ideas from the Web

Here are a few websites that suggest topic ideas.