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Credo Topic Pages: Credo Basics: Topic Pages

A customized approach to presenting and organizing sources of information.

Tour of Topic Pages

Topic Pages are "one stop" pages in Credo Reference where you can find the following types of information on a single topic:

  • An overview article and links to other Credo encyclopedias, etc.
  • Definitions
  • Images
  • Links to YCCC library resources: articles from our databases, books on our shelves
  • Links to free Google books 
  • Websites
  • Citation information

Take a tour of Credo's topic pages.

How to Find Topic Pages

There are several ways to find topic pages.

  1. Perform a keyword search in the search box.  If a topic page exists for that topic it will be the first item.  Caution: Not all searches will yield a topic page.


        2.  Click on Find Topic Pages.  You can browse lists of topic pages by subject or alphabetically.


       3.  Use YCCC Subject Guides.  Some of our Subject Guides have links to Credo topic pages.  See World Religions, for example.



      4.  Use the Related Topic Pages cloud.  These links all point to TPs related to the topic page you are currently exploring.