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Using Google for College-Level Research: If Google Isn't Really the Right Place...

Alternatives to Google for College Level Research


Do you use Google for academic research because you don't know where else to look for information? 

You do have other options.

If you need to find reliable information, think about what you are you're looking for first:

  • encyclopedia articles for background information
  • books, dvds, or ccs
  • magazine, journal, or newspaper articles
  • video clips, blogs, websites

There might be a tool specifically designed to locate the type of information you need.  The library website offers tools to help you find reliable information.

  • Credo Reference for encyclopedia articles
  • YCCC"s Online Catalog for books, etc. on our shelves
  • YCCC Article Databases for journal, magazine, and newspaper articles
  • Films on Demand for video clips
  • Subject Guides for librarian selected sources for you academic projects













While it might be tempting to just search Google or Google Scholar, library databases can be more efficient.  WHY?

BECAUSE you can:

  • search by title, author, subject as well as by keywords
  • limit your search to scholarly or peer-reviewed articles
  • limit your search by date
  • have many more full-text articles that you can print, e-mail, or save to a folder
  • copy citations of articles in MLA or APA format