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Topic Suggestions: IT

A guide to topics that could be developed into research projects or speeches, arranged by subject areas or categories

Topics (A - I)

  • adding intelligence to the internet

  • artificial intelligence

  • Big Data

  • brain computer interface

  • bringing social media to small business

  • censorship and controls for the internet

  • cloud computing

  • computer tablets and smart phones in the workplace

  • computers and health

  • computers and quality of life

  • copyright and computers

  • digital divide

  • digital tools and production at work

  • e-books and readers

  • e-commerce

  • e-intelligence

  • eye gaze communication

  • face recognition technology

  • identity chips

  • implications of digital learning

  • internet and global access

Topics (M - Z)

  • male/female attitudes toward technology

  • negative side of technology

  • pervasive computing

  • pixie dust – or AFC antiferromagnetically-coupled media technology

  • psychology of video gaming

  • robots

  • security and IT

  • semantic web

  • skinput

  • smart cards

  • smart fabrics

  • social media as a corporate strategy

  • technology for solving world problems

  • technology and coping with changes

  • telecommunications

  • virtual reality

  • viruses and antiviruses

  • wearable computers

  • web communities

  • wireless technology