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Using Summon: Search Tips

Summon Search Tips

 Be smart about the keywords you use to search in Summon.  Think about your topic and what type of sources are appropriate for your assignment. 

How do I use Summon?

Use the single search box to start and then use the Refine your Search options on the left, such as content type, subject or date. (See Working With Results tab)

You can also try these search tips to make your search more precise:

Search Tip:

Summon Search Feature:


AND, OR, NOT (capitalized)

Summon assumes AND in a string of keywords

Climate change = climate AND change

Quotations “ “

Use quotation marks around a phrase to search for the exact wording

“climate change”

“learning theory”

Field Searching

Some of the fields available in Summon

·        Author

·        Title

·        Publication title


author:Jean Piaget


publication title:New York Times


Summon lets you use * or ? at the end or middle of a word to include all forms of that word:

(?) will match any one character

(*) will match zero or more characters within a word or at the end of a word


Ols?n to find: Olsen or Olson

Child* to find: child, children, childhood, etc.