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Evaluating Websites: Introduction



Choosing a website as a source in your paper or project, requires a different set of skills from those needed to look up scores of favorite teams, what movie to see, or where to find the lowest gas prices.

The skills needed include a critical evaluation of websites.  Let's look at one way of doing that! Applying the C.R.A.A.P. test.


C.R.A.A.P. Test for Evaluating Websites

Choosing websites for your academic research assignments involves taking a close look at the currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, and purpose of the information on the site - also known as the CRAAP test.

Make sure that the information you use for an assignment passes the CRAAP test by asking questions:

Currency:  When was this information produced?

Relevance:  Is the information important to your topic?

Authority:  Who is the source?

Accuracy:  How reliable is the information?

Purpose:  Why was the information produced?

If you are unsure, look at this expanded list of questions  to determine the value of your information resource.

What is the CRAAP test?