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NUR 126: "Medication Errors" assignment: Start your research

Course guide for NUR 126: Dosage Calculations

      This course guide will help you find high-quality resources for your Medication Errors assignment.

Articles on "medical errors" from YCCC Article Databases

We recommend the following article databases:

How to Structure Your Search for Articles:

The search (the keywords and phrases YOU TYPE IN the Search Box to look for articles) can vary. 

Here are a few combinations we tried:




"medica* errors" and "case stud*" and nurs*

Academic Search Complete (Ebsco)


nurses and "medication errors"

Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition (Ebsco)


insulin and "Medica* error*"

All the databases



Use your own keywords and phrases in any of the Databases. Don't forget these tips:

  • put phrases in "quotations"
  • separate each concept with and
  • use the *(asterisk) to search for variants of the word, medica* will include medical and medication

Logging in from home

Searching from off-campus?  Learn how to log in.

Websites: General Medication Errors

Medical/Medication Errors

Abbreviations and Medication Errors


Books: Dosage Calculation Material

We have books and eBooks available!  You can read the first two titles online as an YCCC student.  Make sure you select the link for "Online access for YCCC." 

Covid-19 General Info

Covid 19 Clinical Experience

Websites: IV Drug Errors

Websites: Medication Errors and Insulin