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NUR 225: Health Care Delivery Systems of: Brazil, Iceland, or Australia

The Assignment

      The Global Healthcare Research Paper

General Country Information Websites

International Health Resources

Recommended YCCC Databases for Finding Articles

Use the name of your country and the "issue" you are researching as keywords in the article databases below.

Example searches:

brazil and "use of health services"

"health issues" and australia"=

illness and iceland and (perceptions or attitudes or opinions)

"health care" and (your country)

  Articles especially "scholarly" articles tend to be very specific and based on research. If you get too many articles use the "Refine Results" options on the left hand side of the page to narrow your search.

Related Guides

Using Google for Your Global Health Care Research

When you use Google for research always evaluate and ask questions about what you find.  Look for reports like the ones below. 

My "Google" searches included:

  • health care delivery systems in brazil
  • how do people in australia view health and illness
  • who pays for health care in iceland
  • how and where does a patient receive care in brazil

You can use long phrases and sentences when Googling.  This strategy doesn't work well in YCCC's article Databases.