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Workshops and Info Sessions: Math Tutoring

Math tutoring schedule | spring 2024

On Campus Walk-in Math Tutoring: No Appointments Necessary!
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
10:00am to 4:00pm 10:00am to 4:00pm 10:00am to 4:00pm 10:00am to 4:00pm

Math tutoring FAQ

Drop-in math tutoring FAQ:


Q: When is tutoring available?

A: Both in-person and virtual tutoring is available Monday through Thursday (excluding school closures).


Q: Who qualifies for math tutoring?

A: Any student currently enrolled in a MAT class at YCCC qualifies for free tutoring at the Student Success Commons.


Q: How do I sign up for tutoring?

A: Students do not need to sign up for math tutoring. Simply let us know you'd like support by stopping in to the SSC or by emailing us.


Q: Do I need to/can I make an appointment?

A: No appointments necessary! All math tutoring is currently done on a drop-in basis. Please note: though tutoring is not done by appointment, we do encourage that whenever possible students set up a regular routine for themselves that includes time to drop in for tutoring for their own benefit.


Q: Which tutor will I work with?

A: Students are not assigned tutors. Whichever tutor is available during the drop-in hours will be sure to work with you. It may be the same tutor every time or perhaps not. Either way, just let a tutor know you're here and need help and we'll happily work with you. Note: students seeking support for dosage calculations will be referred to Karissa. Karissa is on campus Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 10:00am to 4:00pm.


Q: How long will a tutor work with me?

A: If you need 5 minutes of help that's fine. If you need 3 hours that's fine too! You are welcome to stay in the math section of the SSC for as long as you need. Because this applies to all math students please keep in mind that we may not be able to offer perfectly uninterrupted tutoring time. We do our best to ensure all students receive equal support and attention, and encourage students to reread pertinent material or practice extra problems if there is any waiting time.


Q: Is tutoring one-on-one?

A: Yes and no. Math tutoring is conducted in an open area so you may be around other students and tutors. Though this means there is no private tutoring, you will never be asked to participate in group tutoring where you must work with other students or share information about your personal math progress. If you'd like to work with a friend or classmate that's totally fine. But we will not expect you to work with other students or participate as part of a group. Math tutoring is about you and what you need personally.


Q: What if I can't come to campus for drop-in tutoring? 

A: We want to offer support to as many students as possible, whether they're on campus or off. If you're looking for remote math support please email Karissa Cole between 9:00am Monday and 12:00pm Friday for current options. (Please allow up to 48 hours for a reply.)


Q: What math classes do you tutor?

A: Math tutoring covers any MAT course (MAT 118, MAT 126, etc.). Classes coded as ACC, BUS, and FIN are not covered under Student Success Commons math tutoring. Though we will always try to help you find the resources you need, tutoring for these and other non-MAT classes may not be fully available from the Student Success Commons math tutors. For more information please feel free to talk to a tutor.


More questions? Please email us!



  • There are two computers in the math section of the Student Success Commons where you can work on your homework, practice, print notes, etc.

  • We want to ensure all students have a place to sit so we ask you not take up chairs with your coat, bag, etc. In addition, to avoid tripping hazards, please do not leave your belongings on the floor. Instead, we have provided a safe space with cubbies and a coat rack where you can leave your items while you receive tutoring. This ensures neither your items nor students and staff are damaged.

  • Please feel free to eat and drink in the math section (except for at the the two computers). We only ask that you immediately clean up your space when you finish. Empty plates, bottles, or unfinished food may not be left out.

Math tutors

Karissa Cole, tutor Karissa Cole

John, peer math tutor John C. Barr
Tyler Davies
Chase Wilson

What can you do with a math tutor?

It's important that your math grade reflects your personal effort and abilities, which can sometimes be more difficult when all your homework, tests, and quizzes are online. Student Success Commons tutors are here to help you, but in a way that ensures your work is your own. If you seek help from an SSC math tutor, please first understand what you can and can't expect.


What can a math tutor do?
We can... We cannot...
Help you understand and interpret questions Give you solutions for a problem
Show you how to take and use good notes Teach you the material from scratch (you must attend class, watch instructional videos, and read your textbook!)
Provide support and encouragement Sit with you through every quiz, test, or other assignment
Work with you on examples to help you understand the steps and concepts Work with you on examples while you're taking an exam
Help you review past quizzes and make notes that will assist you for future assignments Walk you through step-by-step calculations for active quizzes or tests
Show you how to use your calculator effectively Tell you if an answer to a quiz or test question is right or wrong before it's submitted

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