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The Student Success Commons at York County Community College: Home

Welcome to the Student Success Commons 

The Student Success Commons at York County Community College is an integrated space that includes tutoring centers, the library, success coaches, access to the Office of Student Accessability Services, and more. We offer semester-long support to all YCCC students for:

■ Writing, for any subject
■ Math*
■ Science*
■ Online learning
■ Research
■ Study skills
■ and more!

*Math tutoring covers all MAT classes. Limited chemistry tutoring will be made available whenever possible.


Students are welcome to drop in to the SSC to work on homework, meet with a success coach, get tutoring and support, visit the library, use the computers or printers, or just hang out and relax!


Please note: if you visit the SSC to hang out, please avoid doing so at the computers or the tables in the math section so that these spaces are available for the students who need to work on their assignments. If you find there is not enough room to sit back and chill in the SSC, please feel free to hang out in the cafeteria or the Pratt and Whitney building. We also ask that all students keep their conversation topics and volume appropriate for a college study area. Thank you for keeping this in mind!

We respect all learning styles, abilities, and circumstances, and help you build academic skills, confidence and strengths that will lead to your college success!

Tutoring Schedule

For the times during which math, writing, and science tutors are scheduled to be on campus fall 2023, see the tables below.

On Campus Drop-in Math Tutoring
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
10:00am to 4:00pm 10:00am to 4:00pm 10:00am to 12:00pm and 1:00pm to 5:00pm 10:00am to 4:00pm

Not on campus during these hours but still need some math support? Send the math tutors an email at with any questions!

Don't forget, we have tons of math resources, including notes, formula cheat sheets, video tutorials, and more! Check out our math section for all the most up-to-date materials designed to help you get through your course.
MATH RESOURCES QUICK LINKS: Quantitative Reasoning  |  Statistics 



On Campus Writing and Science Tutoring

(Drop-in may be available but to ensure you're able to meet with a tutor we encourage you to make an appointment)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


10:00am- 5:00pm 10:00am to 5:00pm

Want to make an appointment for on campus tutoring? Or are you not on campus during these hours but still need writing or science support? Email any time between 9:00am Monday and 12:00pm Friday. Feel free to ask for an appointment or send over questions or documents and our awesome writing and science tutor Sue will respond within 48 hours during the Monday-Friday window.

Don't wait! If you need help we encourage you to reach out sooner rather than later.


NEW! Open Lab Science Tutoring in Room 239
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


5:00-6:00pm 5:00-6:00pm

Open lab hours are all drop in, no appointments!

Open labs are dry labs (for example, no dissection, no putting together an experiment for chemistry). Any science student that might need lab access is welcome! Tutoring for animal science specifically is unavailable at this time, but if an animal science student would like access to the lab for some reason, they are still welcome to pop in. If a student needs further clarification on dry labs they can email with questions.


Please note: tutoring availability is subject to change slightly. Any permanent schedule changes will be announced.

Tutoring and Support Details

Have a question about math tutoring? Stuck on a math problem or concept? Pop into the SSC during any of the drop-in hours; all students are welcome, no appointment necessary!

Drop-in tutoring allows all students to work at their own pace with a tutor. It doesn't matter if you're 2 sections behind or a section ahead; it doesn't matter if it takes 30 minutes to work on one problem. We're here to help you at your level.

Not on campus? You can connect with us remotely by emailing us any time between Monday 9:00am to Friday 12:00pm. Feel free to send over your questions, images of the problem(s) you're stuck on, and a math tutor will respond within 48 hours (not including holidays).

Remote support and individual appointments are not currently available Friday-Sunday so if you need math help, please don't wait! We want to ensure you get the support you need, so be sure to reach out right away!

Karissa Cole
John C. Barr (peer math tutor)

*Math tutoring covers any MAT course. As ACC, BUS, and FIN classes are not considered math classes, tutoring for these and other non-MAT classes may not be fully available from the Student Success Commons math tutors. For more information please feel free to visit the SSC or reach out to
Sue Zimmer: Email any time between 9:00am Monday and 12:00pm Friday. Have an essay or speech you want feedback on? Have a question about citations or a science concept? Go ahead and email it! Feel free to send over your questions or documents without first making an appointment. (Though you are welcome to request an appointment!)

Sue will respond to emails within 48 hours during the Monday-Friday window. You are welcome to send emails over the weekend but please keep in mind a response shouldn't be expected before Monday. With that in mind, don't wait! If you need help on writing or science reach out right away to ensure you get support.

Maureen Simmons: Email any time during the week for support with Brightspace and online learning. Maureen will respond as soon as possible. In the interim, please check out our extensive E-Learning section, which contains helpful video tutorials and tips!


Success Skills, Vet Tech, Computer Applications, and More!
Besides the core subjects—math, science, and writing— we try to offer as much support as possible in other areas! To that end, we've created pages dedicated to Success Skills, TEAS, and Vet Tech. Need help managing your time? Have questions about how to study? Need to prep for the TEAS? Taking web development and need to practice your HTML? We've got you covered! Please be sure to check out the resources available on our site. Download time management resources, get practical study tips, learn how to prepare for the TEAS, check out videos centering on animal anatomy and physiology, learn how to make a lab report, and more!

For best results when reaching out to any SSC staff member be sure to use your YCCC student email. Expecting a response from a tutor but nothing seems to be showing up in your inbox? Double check your spam or junk folder and see if it's there.

Awesome math students in the SSC

Meet the SSC Team!

Denise Treacy, Director of Student and Academic Success
Denise Treacy
Director of Student and Academic Success
Sue Zimmer Writing/Science Tutor Sue Zimmer
Writing and Science Tutor
Amy Regan Amy Regan
Interim Math Success Coach

Karissa Cole, tutor Karissa Cole
Math, Physics and WEB 131 Tutor

John, peer math tutor John C. Barr
Peer Math and Computer Science Tutor
Tyler Davies
Peer Quantitative Reasoning Math Tutor
Chase Wilson
Peer Quantitative Reasoning Math Tutor
Maureen Simmons, e-learning specialist Maureen Simmons
Online Learning Coach
Brightspace Support Specialist
Annette Tanguay, librarian Annette Tanguay
Elise LaPlante, success coach Elise LaPlante
Success Coach for free College, Liberal Studies Majors
Austin Sorette, success coach Austin Sorette
Success Coach for returning Liberal Studies Majors
Aubre Cox
Success Coach


Contact Us


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SSC Workshops, Info Sessions, and Events

Looking for information on upcoming events at the Student Success Commons?
Check out our calendar!

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Please check out our extensive E-Learning section, which contains helpful video tutorials and tips! You can also visit the Brightspace community to search their FAQs or contact support, or connect with the SSC E-learning Coach Maureen.

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The Mission of the Student Success Commons

The Student Success Commons at York County Community College offers student-centered learning assistance designed to teach, develop, and enhance the overall academic skills necessary for college and career achievement, and is committed to offering a positive academic experience that fosters student success and growth. 

The Student Success Commons is an integrated, active space that includes the library, tutoring services, a writing center, and the Office of Student Accessibility Services. We also help students adapt to the online learning environment, and provide support in areas such as time management, organization, and procrastination. But most of all, the staff and tutors are here to help you succeed in college by teaching you how to learn.

The SSC offers the resources and guidance students need to enhance learning outside of the classroom and support to reach academic and personal goals. 

YCCC Student Success Commons Strategic Planning




Student Success Commons at York County Community College

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