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The TEAS is a standardized test designed to assess a student's preparedness for entering the health science fields.


TEAS stands for Test of Essential Academic Skills


Test questions cover four basic subjects:

■ Reading
■ Science
■ Mathematics
■ English and language usage


The TEAS Version 7 contains 170 total questions, 20 of which are un-scored pretest items, and has total time limit of 209 minutes (3 hours and 29 minutes). On this page you can find a comprehensive breakdown of the test subjects, as well as info about the types of questions, and tips for preparing.

TEAS 7th Version

Reading 55 minutes


Craft and Structure (9 questions)
Key ideas and details (15 questions)
Integration of knowledge and ideas (15 questions)

39 scored questions, 6 unscored


Math 57 minutes


Numbers and algebra (18 questions)
Measurement and data (16 questions)

34 scored questions, 4 unscored


Science 60 minutes


Human anatomy and physiology (18 questions)
Biology (9 questions)
Chemistry (8 questions)
Scientific reasoning (9 questions)

44 scored questions, 6 unscored


English and Language Usage 37 minutes


Conventions of standard English (12 questions)
Knowledge of language (11 questions)
Using language and vocabulary to express ideas in writing (10 questions)

33 scored questions, 4 unscored

Official Guide

ATI TEAS study guide

Question Types

ATI TEAS Version 7 question types include:

Multiple-Choice:  These questions that have four answer options with only one option as the correct answer. In addition to text, some multiple-choice items include charts, exhibits, and graphics.

Multiple Select: Students will be presented with a list of four or more possible answers to a question and more than 1 may be correct. There will be a note on these question types to “Select all that Apply.” To answer the question correctly, the student must select all correct answers. If all correct answers are not selected, then the question is incorrect. No partial credit is given.

Supply Answer: This question type requires students to provide the answer to the question or “fill in the blank” without a set of options. Answers may be text or numerical values.

Hot Spot: These questions include an image with two to five clickable areas. Students are required to click on the area of the image identified as the correct response.

Ordered Response: These questions require students to place a set of response options in the correct order. Students drag between four and six response options from a box on the left to an empty box on the right. The question is answered correctly only if the student places all correct options in the correct order within the box on the right. If an option is out of order, then the question is incorrect. No partial credit will be given.

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