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Statistics and Data: Getting Started

Guide to finding statistical information

Getting started on your Statistics & Data research


This guide contains resources designed to:

  • highlight statistical sources (in-print and online)
  • offer strategies for finding statistics.

For subject specific statistics, go to the Web Sites Tab of the various Subject Guides.

Points to Consider

When searching for statistical information ask yourself:

  • are statistics likely to have been collected on this topic?
  • if so, which organisation(s) would collect/publish these types of statistics?
  • what keywords might be used to describe these statistics? For example cars might be listed under automobiles or motor vehicles

Be prepared for the possibility that:

  • statistics may not exist for the variables you require
  • the most recent statistics may be several years old
  • some statistics are not freely available

From How to Find Statistics Univ. of Wollongong Library, Australia

Statistical Sources in the Library Catalog