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Dr. Wesley Joseph Mills: Academic History

Professor, English/Humanities

Academic Background


Dr. Wesley J. Mills

Professor, English/Humanities

York County

Community College







Educational History



 Graduate School:



* Doctorate (DMIN):  Graduated in May 1989 with Honors, 3.93 GPA; interdisciplinary humanities focus on moral education—integrating adult education and social ethics through written communication and curriculum development;  member of the Jonathan Edwards Honor Society; Andover Newton Theological School, graduate school, Newton Centre, Massachusetts


* Masters (MDIV): Graduated in December 1979 with professional degree, 3.7 GPA; interdisciplinary focus on history, language, philosophy, and religion; Fuller Theological Seminary, graduate school, Pasadena, California






* Certification:  1983-84, 4.0 GPA; courses re: Maine State requirements for Secondary/Adult Teaching Certificates in English and Social Studies and Administrative Certificate as Adult Education Director; University of Southern Maine, Gorham, Maine


* Bachelor of Arts (BA):  Graduated in May 1976, Summa Cum Laude; Phi Alpha Chi, degree in Political Science, informal minor in the Humanities, 3.89 GPA; Member of the Phi Alpha Chi Honor Society; Gordon College, Wenham, Massachusetts        


Academic Institutions

For more information on the academic institutions in my educational history, check out the following:

*Gordon College

   Wenham, Massachusetts

*University of Southern Maine

   Gorham, Maine

*Fuller Theological Seminary

   Pasadena, California

*Andover Newton Theological School

   Newton Centre, Massachusetts


Academic Teaching Experience

The following are the institutions for which I have taught over the years, listed in alphabetical order:

ABCOM Institute for Ministry

   Director and Faculty for courses in religion, history, ethics

Andover Newton Theological School

   Adjunct Faculty for courses in theology and ethics

Fuller Theological Seminary

   Teaching Assistant for courses in religion

Maine Humanities Council

   Instructor for courses in Koine (Biblical) Greek

Southern Maine Technical College

   Adjunct Faculty for courses in the Social Sciences

University of New England

   Adjunct Faculty  for courses in the Social Sciences

University of Southern Maine

   Workshop Leader for topics in religion and education

York County Community College

   Professor teaching courses in English, the Humanities, and the Social Sciences