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Credo Reference: Images and Citations in Credo Reference

Images and Videos

Credo Reference also provides images and on some topics videos. To access images on voting simply click on Images for 347 results.


From Encyclopedia of Power

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Citing Credo Reference

Citations are provided in Credo reference and can be found by scrolling to the end of each entry.  Here you can find the citation in the APA and MLA styles YCCC uses.

Click on the appropriate format above the citation to see it in that style. In this case we need an APA citation.

Princeton University Press © Princeton University Press 2010

Keyssar, A. (2010). Voting. In M. Kazin (Ed.), The Princeton encyclopedia of American political history. Princeton University Press. Credo Reference:



You can copy and paste citations directly from Credo into Noodlebib. Use the Help with Citations tab on the Library homepage if needed!