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Credo Reference: Getting Started - What, Where, & When

What is Credo Reference?

Credo Reference is a source for reliable background information you can use to start your research. The database gives you access to many online encyclopedias, handbooks, & dictionaries. 

These sources can help you to quickly identify concepts, topics, issues, and keywords for your topic; an added bonus - properly formatted citations.

Better than Wikipedia!

When Should I Use Credo?

When you need to learn more about your topic:

Background research about your topic can:

  • provide another explanation and understanding of your topic
  • help you develop the topic (narrow or broaden the focus), create a research question, and identify keywords to use for searches in other databases

Where is Credo Reference?

Go to the YCCC Library website! Credo is the first tab in Start Your Research at the top of the page  

  1. Enter your search term or phrase into the search box.
  2. Click the search button.




Do I have to log in?

If you are using a campus computer or campus WiFi, you can access Credo directly. 

Use the Ask us tab on the right to request the login & password for off-campus searching.