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News Sources

Current Events Websites

Media Accountability

Use these sites to get an impartial look behind the stories being reported--or NOT reported--in the media.


Statistics can be a valuable information resource for many of your projects.  However, finding statistical information on the web can be tricky. Fortunately, most government agencies that collect statistical data make that information available online. Here are some top-notch sources for statistics:

Evaluating Web Sites

Asking these questions will help you to determine whether the resources you find are credible and reliable.

  1. Who created the page? Does the person or organization have the appropriate credentials?

  2. Why was this site created? What is the purpose of the site?  For example, is it sponsored by a company that has a financial interest in the topic?

  3. When was the page created and/or last updated? How current is the information?

  4. Does the author cite trustworthy sources? How does the author support their argument?

Learn more about evaluating websites or check our handy tipsheet:.Evaluating web sites