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Current Events: Getting Started

Getting started on your Current Events research


Encyclopedia articles are a great way to gather background information as you begin your research.

Once you have a good encyclopedia article, use the tabs across the top of the guide to find books, articles, and web pages in this subject area. The Cite Your Sources tab will help you to properly cite the resources you find.

As always, if your research is taking too long or you have questions use the Ask Us button on the right hand side of this page to contact your Librarians for further assistance.


Find encyclopedia articles online




  • A great place to look for background information
  • Preferred over Wikipedia articles by your instructors
  • Comes with properly formatted citations for your bibliography!

Background Information For Current Events

These books will give you the names of office holders and other public officials.  They are kept in the Reference Collection.   We will photocopy your reference articles for free, including the information you need for your bibliography.  If you're off campus, these articles can be faxed or emailed to you at home.

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Using Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a very popular online encyclopedia that may be appropriate for background research, especially if the article has a good bibliography. Be aware that some YCCC faculty will not allow you to use Wikipedia as a cited source.

For more information about using Wikipedia for academic research, watch this short video.