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Kindles in the Library: Getting started

A guide to checking out and using Kindles @ YCCC Library

Getting Started With the Kindle Touch

Using the controls

Knowing a few simple functions will help you to navigate around the Kindle Touch.  The touchscreen allows you to perform many tasks with just a tap or swipe of a finger.

Below the screen is the Home button.  At the bottom edge of the Kindle are a power button, a charge indicator light, a USB cable port, and a headphone jack.


Power button: To activate the Kindle, press the power button.  To turn your Kindle off, press the power button and hold for several seconds until the screen goes blank.  The Kindle will also power off if left unattended

Charge indicator light: This light is amber when the Kindle is charging and green when the battery is fully charged.

Home button:  This raised button takes you to the Home screen, where you'll find a list or folders of books.  To select one simply tap it.  For example, tap Abnormal psychology to see the list of books available.  Then tap a title to start reading.


Onscreen actions

Navigating tips:

Tap the right zone: advance to the next page.

Tap the left zone: go back to the previous page.

Tap the top zone: enter the book (menu) options.

Swipe to the right: advance to the next page.

Swipe to the left: go back to the previous page.

Swipe up: advance to the next chapter.

Swipe down: go back to the previous chapter.

Pinch together: decrease the font size.

Pinch apart: increase the font size.


Here is a video that might also be useful

How Do I Borrow a Kindle?

Click here to see if any of the Kindles are available to check-out.

  • If all the Kindles are checked out, we can place a hold for you on the next one that becomes available.


  • Kindles are checked out for 3-wks.  If no one is waiting you can renew, once, for another 3-wks.


  • When you return the Kindle it needs to include the case and the USB cable.


  • Return the Kindle to the library. DO NOT USE THE OUTSIDE BOOK DROP!

What's On the Kindles @ YCCC

Each Kindle comes preloaded with books, selected to help you with your classwork and projects.

The general categories include:

  • Abnormal psychology
  • American literature
  • English literature
  • Historical fiction
  • Medical assisting
  • Medical terminology
  • Pararpsychology
  • Sociology
  • Dictionaries

Here is a sampling of available titles.  The complete table of contents is listed below.




Send us any titles you'd like to see added to the Kindles.

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