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Library Instruction: Getting started

Learning the Library

Research shows:

  • college students are often overwhelmed by the variety of information sources available.
  • students tend to begin their search with Google or some other search engine. 

While we acknowledge the value of the Web, we also want students to be aware of the many resources available on the YCCC Library website.

Some of the Problems

Students new to college may have little idea how to find, choose, and use academic sources. Some of the problems include:

  • not knowing the difference between popular articles from magazines and scholarly or peer-reviewed articles from scholarly journals
  • using sources like Wikipedia rather than speciaized encyclopedia databases like Credo Reference
  • little experience reading and understanding academic writing
  • difficulty choosing search terms used for finding books, articles, and websites
  • difficulty choosing the most suitable resource from a result list
  • hesitancy to ask for help in the Library

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Library Resources


YCCC Library can provide:

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